Decorating Ideas: Wall Stickers

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Stitching up a new hobby

We all have creative sides and it manifests in various elements in our lives. The way we dress, pick out furniture and even talking. So how about using your creative side to keep your space up to date? There are a multitude of ideas to refurbish your living space like: changing furniture, paint and layout. Today I will be talking about an easy and economical solution to add some décor to your home. Wall stickers are simple yet elegant pieces of décor that can add substance to your home.

Let me give you a brief overview of what wall stickers are.

A wall sticker is a vinyl sticker affixed to a wall or other smooth surfaces for decoration and information. These stickers are cut with vinyl cutting machines, their designs range from a single color to various images.    

That being said there are plenty of decorations to choose from.

Here are some ideas:


Nature Theme
nature stick  tree sticker

Check out this sample of nature themed wall stickers. 

One is for a light colored wall and one is for a dark colored wall, the two look mostly identical but you can really see the changes each bring.


Cartoon Theme

cartoon stickers 2 cartoon sticker 2

Let your favorite cartoon characters come to life. Cherish the old days with a lovely reminder from the past. 


City Theme

city sticker city sticker 1

Cherish your memories of the fantastic cities you've visited. 


Children's Room Theme 

kids room sticker kids room sticker 2 

Decorate your children's room with cute stickers to keep them happy. 


Educational Theme

edu sticker 2 edu sticker

Give your kids an early start at life with some educational stickers. Help give them a leg-up in the world. 


Inspirational Theme

word stickr4 word sticker

Keep your high spirits and get inspired with some motivational words. Never give up!

These are just a few ideas to give you some perspective on what you could have. Experiment here and there, look for inspiration around the net and get decorating!