320W Auswheel VS. Segway Ninebot ES2: Electric Scooter Buying Guide

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The best electric scooters provide many benefits as a means of transport. Although they might not be perfect for a long trip, riding one of the best electric scooters for a short trip has proven to be advantageous. 

Perks of Electric Scooter


Riding an electric scooter is much eco-friendlier (let along more economically) than a car, as a result of eliminating the use of gas. It enables you to save money on gasoline, cuts back your carbon emissions, and helps to reduce traffic jams.


Not only are they eco-friendlier, but these two-wheeled wonders also make navigating big cities a piece of cake. Allowing you to shuttle smoothly in the crowds and traffic jams, electric scooters are portable, utility, and just interesting. Most electric scooters are collapsible, so when you arrive at your destination it is easy to carry and storage them. And more importantly, they can even be brought on public transport owing to their lightweight design.


The best part is that most electric scooters only cost you a little portion of a used car. As mentioned above, electric scooters will save you money on gas and on buying a car. They will also help save on parking lots and tickets, and simply relax you by getting fresh air again — particularly after a long day of work at the air-conditioned office.

Buying Guide: What to consider when buying an electric scooter?


When buying an electric scooter, what you should consider first are both the carrying weight of the scooter, which impacts its portability, and the max rider weight. Think of your commute and how much weight you can carry up the stairs or hold steady while taking public transportations.


The battery capacity of an electric scooter decides how often it will need to be charged. Suppose you’re riding your e-scooter for a relatively long trip, you’ll need to make certain a full battery will at least get you to reach your destination.

Top speed

It depends on how fast you want to go. Make sure to pick a scooter that is suitable for you, but also take the weather into account when it comes to this index. Max speed for most electric scooters is about 25km/h, but you might not need to ride that fast.


Typically, the motor power for an electric scooter should be at least 250 W, which will be sufficient to enable you to ride across a flat and over a small hill. An e-scooter with double motors, or a more powerful single motor, will be a better option for someone who lives in a hilly area.


The following are different types of brakes available for electric scooters:

  • Disc brake
  • Electric or regenerative
  • Foot brake
  • Drum brake

Among these types, disc brakes are the most effective and sound, but they are typically only found in the costliest electric scooters.


What is ultimately most important is price. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”, while there is a wide spectrum of prices when buying an electric scooter, the quality is typically directly proportional to the price.

320W Auswheel vs. Segway Ninebot ES2 Comparison

Product320W AuswheelSegway Ninebot ES2
Max rider weight120kg100kg
Battery280 Wh187 Wh
BrakesDisc brakeRegen + Foot
Top Speed25km/h 25km/h
IP ratingIP54IP54
Motor320 W320 W

The differences of 320W Auswheel from the Segway ES2 are:

  • Lighter weight: more portable
  • Stronger bearing capacity
  • Larger battery capacity: significantly greater range
  • More effective and reliable brakes
  • Much less expensive

Now you can see the 320W Auswheel is an incredibly superior e-scooter in all aspects and is much less expensive, and its quality is equal or better. The 320W Auswheel has a lighter weight, stronger max rider weight, better brakes, significantly greater range, and similar top speed as the Ninebot ES2. We wanted to give the Ninebot a fighting chance, but the ES2 can’t just match and the 320W prevails this comparison in every aspect. Additionally, it tends to be priced 15% less than the ES2. In conclusion, the 320W Auswheel has better quality at a more affordable price.

Different types of Auswheel Electric scooters at Crazysales

Product320W Folding Electric Scooter with App Control Headlight LED Display White250W Foldable Electric Scooter with APP Control Headlight LED DisplayAuswheel 500W Electric Scooter Folding Deep Cycle Scooter 36V Off Road Turbo with LED
Price$479. 97$899. 95$949. 96
Max Load120kg120kg120kg
BrakesDisc brakeEABS + Disc BrakeFront & rear disc brakes
Battery Capacity7.8Ah10Ah36V 12AH sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries
Max Speed25km (depends on rider's weight, road conditions)30km (Depends on rider's weight, road conditions)25km per charge (mode, terrain, riding style, weight dependent)


Electric Scooters are ideal for people traveling for a short daily trip while avoiding traffic jams and reducing costs which are related to public transport and car driving. It’s also one of the simplest personal electric transport to ride, making it universal popularity. We believe that Crazysales is your best choice for buying a more cost-effective electric scooter.