Man’s Best Friends

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This weekend focus on the pets! They’re there for you, and now you can be there for them. With the Pet Supplies offered at Crazy Sales, you can pamper your pets for pennies! And you don’t have to just be a dog lover or a cat person – with us you’ll find a line up of pet accessories for birds, fish, rabbits & guinea pigs as well. 

Pets help prolong our lives and they teach us things about ourselves that no other form of companionship can. So take the time to appreciate your pet with a new toy, playpen or activity. If you’ve got a new puppy, check out some puppy training pads, or an agility practice bar for an engaging and entertaining form of play!

Me? I’m a cat lover. And there’s nothing as sad (for a cat) as being left behind. So the next time you head out for a little sunshine, bring kitty along too! With a cat tent, you can give your indoor cat a taste of the great outdoors and the freedom to (somewhat) roam. A great way to share some sun with your little friend and to leave those sad kitty window stares inside for a stretch.

Be it fur or feather, no matter your friend, spend some quality time with them this weekend. Indoors or out, try to take the time to show your appreciation for their love & loyalty as only an avid pet lover can.