Nail Mystery Solved!

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To Loom or Not to Loom, That is the Question

Ever wondered about that weird looking tool sitting next to your nail clippers in your nail care travel kit is? Well there’s a few of them actually. These special tools go above and beyond simply cutting your nails, they GROOM them. For those of you who are curious about the potential these tool hold, read on! The entire contents of a 12 piece nail care set is explained below:

Big Nail Clippers – Large in size, these clippers are designed with two blades that come together accurately, the entire length of the lower blade making contact with the entire length of the upper blade at once. The clip relieving you of your unwanted nail. Suitable for large fingernails and toenails.

Middle Nail Clippers – Middle Nail Clippers are identical to Large Nail Clipper, except for their size. More suited to fingernails. These clippers can also be used on the smaller nails of children with ease.

Bevel Nail Clippers – Bevel Nail Clippers are slanted to allow you to style your fingernails and toenails with varying degrees of slope. This style of nail is referred to as “The Moscow”, as that’s where it originated and became popular. This style can lengthen your fingers gracefully and create the illusion of a delicate flowing hand.

Toe Nail Clippers – These clippers have a different design to the other clippers. Toenail clippers look similar to scissors with strong short blades. Perfect for tough toenails.

Nail Scissors – Nail Scissors are very small purpose built scissors giving you control over the blades during the entire nail cutting process, unlike nail clippers. If you have broken a nail use scissors to easily cut around the specific area.

Tweezers – This two pronged tool is designed for the removal of small hairs and works well for eyebrow maintenance. Just grab a hold of the hair between the two arms and pull it out!

Nail File – A nail file is a long flat piece of metal intended for the smoothing down of your nails. Maybe you have a sharp point on the top of one nail, or your nail polish didn’t dry smoothly, a nail file can quickly resolve these issues!

Cuticle Trimmer – This tool is long with a sharp ‘v’ shaped metal head. It lets you neaten up your cuticle by cutting off the excess, when it becomes obvious or when it grows too far up your nail.

Cuticle Pusher – Also used on the nail bed or cuticle, the cuticle pusher is a long tool with rounded edges that simply pushes the cuticle down into the nail bed to make it less visible and to have more space for nail polish!

Fingernail Cleaner – With a similar shape to the cuticle pusher the fingernail cleaner allows you to get dirt out from under your nails quickly and easily.

Acne Needle- This tool allows the removal of black heads and pimples. On one end, the tool has a ring to surround the black head and on the other end is a sharp point for relieving large acne or cysts.

Ear Pick – This is the one with the scoop shape on the top of a thin piece of metal. It is very effective at removing dirt and wax from inside your ear.

Well now you know! Those tools all have special purposes and if used correctly can help improve the health of your nails (and face). A compact little travel set is the best way to keep them all together for your manicure and pedicure sessions. Going on a trip? All the more reason to pick up a set, you don’t want to be trying to sight see with a broken nail!