Phones For Your Head

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listening to music

Many situations can be improved, for those who prefer the in-ear earbud experience, by simply slipping those little plastic plugs into yours ears. Imagine you're having the most stressful day of your life: you burn your toast in the morning, get to work late and the boss wants a "talk". Afterwards you have a long emotional phone call with your ex and to top it off you forget to pick up your mum from her eye appointment. By the time you have finished that train wreck of a day, you probably just want to curl up into the fetal position and sleep for a million years. Hold on a sec! One tried and tested way to save yourself from the horror is music. Music that is just for you. Not too loud, not too soft, exactly what you need to hear. Music can distract, relax, lift your mood, inspire, remind, facilitate a decision. Its a powerful tool that when delivered through head phones feels like surround sound, a refreshing soundtrack to your life, clear and concentrated.

earphonesListening to podcasts and background music can be great ways to past time working, cleaning, travelling, commuting and waiting. Learn something new: a language, the ancient history of China. Quit smoking, change your life in a healthy way, get cooking or exercise ideas. Endless entertainment in the private arena of your own ear. Conveniently portable, cheap, available, fashionable. You can use them with a variety of devices too. Add versatile to the list of adjectives! Head phones just might be the best accessory ever invented.


When do you put on your headphones?