Reasons to buy Water Filters

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We need water to live but a lot of the water we can get needs to be filtered in order to become drinkable. There are plenty of ways to do this by boiling the water, using water purification tablets or makeshift filters.

These methods are all viable and great at purifying water.

Here we will provide you with easier solutions to get pure water. 

Water Filters will purify your water without the fuss making it safe for consumption. Simply fill it with water and the filter will do the rest, sit back and relax and wait for the process to finish.                  

There are plenty of benefits to using a water filter such as:

  1. Saving Money

      Water Filters give you clean water in a more cost effective way than buying bottled water.  You can save more money by using water filters.

  1. Reduces the risk of getting cancer

Filtered water greatly lowers the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer by removing chlorine from the water.

  1. Prevents Contamination

Filtering Water removes dangerous substances from the drinking water while retaining its minerals.

  1. Better Health

As the water is filtered and clean you will less likely be infected by diseases and bacteria, leading to a better quality of life.

  1. Better Tasting Water

Without contaminants or any toxins and bacteria, the water will taste better.


Types of Water Filter


Choosing the right water filter isn’t easy especially if you have no knowledge of water filters. Here we will provide you with some basic water filter types and functions, allowing you to choose what you like best based on your needs and preferences.      


Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon Water Filters

This filters clean water by removing larger particles like sediment and silt from water, by attracting and absorbing them ensuring cleanliness and safety.


Alkaline/ Water Ionizers

alkaline filter

This water filter purifies water by passing it through electric charged plates and separates into two streams one alkaline and the other acidic. You get softer water as a result which is better for cooking rice and better for your skin.  

UV Filters

uv water filter

This type of filters are some of the newest eco friendly solutions that science has come up with. It uses ultraviolet radiation to treat water, as you know ultraviolet radiation has the ability to destroy bacteria that can endanger your health.


When a healthier life is in style,  we all have more motivation than ever before to be healthy. One of the easiest ways to lead is by drinking clean water, we can get clean water by using a water filter. Buy a water filter now and lead a healthier lifestyle.