Solar Water Pump Reviews | How to Find the Best Solar Pump for Your Fountain, Pond and Pool

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Installing a solar water pump not only invigorates and aerates the water, but also powers a waterfall or water feature, without adding to your monthly electricity bill. However, choosing the best solar powered water pump can be a hassle. This review will guide you to decide which water pump you need and where to find it.

Solar Water Pump Types: Submersible Versus External

Solar water pumps come in a variety of shapes and features, however, they mostly are divided into two different types – submersible (underwater) or external (out of pond).

Submersible Pumps: solar submersible pumps are designed to be wholly submerged in water, in the deepest part of the pond. They are generally suitable for the home garden with a small pond.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Work well in environments which capitalize on a natural setting
  • No need to camouflage the pump
  • Operate very quietly so they are not distracting in your garden
  • Capable of draining your pond, if needed
  • Place pumps either directly into your pond or in a skimmer box or pond vault
  • Generate higher energy costs than other external types
  • More economical, specifically fit smaller ponds

External Pumps: external water pumps are usually used for ponds which require a large volume of water to be pumped. Hence they are not always fit the home garden.

  • Available as self-priming pumps able to draw their own water
  • External pond pumps which are not self-priming will burn out a motor if the power shuts off momentarily and then returns, so protect against this by installing a check valve
  • Can be loud, disturbing and distracting
  • Offer long-lasting performance and easy repair
  • Need a dry location near your pond for installation
  • Require less routine maintenance than submersible pumps
  • Fit larger ponds

What Makes the Perfect Solar Water Pump

  • Is it powerful enough?

Whether the solar pond pump is powerful enough for its intended purpose or not is the first and foremost question to think. For example, if you have a 2000 gallon pond, a 200 GPH pump will not be sufficient as the main pond pump. However, if you want to add a small 3ft fountain to your 300-gallon pond, a solar powered pond pump may be the perfect option.

Overall, most solar pumps for sale are designed for ponds of a maximum size of 1000 gallons, but can also be used in larger ponds as a complementary feature.

  • Do you want the fountain to work at night?

Of course, solar pumps will not work without sunlight. If you want your fountain work whole day, a solar water pump which is powered only by a panel will not suffice. You need a pump with a rechargeable battery included. More expensive solar pumps come with a battery storing energy during the day and utilize the energy to power the pump at night.

  • Considerations for the solar panel location

If you intend to keep the solar panel out of sight, you should find a solar powered pump which has wiring that is long enough to allow the panel to be placed away from the fountain. However, keep in mind that you should set the solar panels in an area which catches a good amount of direct sunlight for maximum benefits.

Increase the Efficiency of a Solar Water Pump 

  • Place the solar panels to expose to the strongest sunlight (11am-3pm)
  • Clean the solar panels and solar pump regularly
  • Decrease the solar water pump height
  • Improve the water quality and less the work of the pump 



Select the Best Solar Water Pump 2018

NameSolar Power Fountain Outdoor Pond Pool
Water Pump
Solar Power Outdoor Fountain Water Pump with 4 Fountain Heads Solar Power Outdoor Garden Water Pump Solar Power Water Featrue Pump Kit with Timer & LED Lights
Price$39. 97$49. 98$79. 97$159. 97
Solar Panel Dimension19CM * 14CM * 1.7CM25CM * 16CM * 1.7CM40CM * 25.5CM * 2.3CM51.5CM * 34.5CM * 2.3CM
Peak Power2W3.5W10W20W
Cable Length5M / 16.4FT5M / 16.4FT5M / 16.4FT5M / 16.4FT
Maximum Flow Rate250L/H300L/H740L/H1560L/H
Max Power Voltage5.8V8V17.5V17.28V
Max Power Current347MA460MA580MA1.157A
Max Head0.7M0.9M1.7M3.2M
Flow AdjustableYesYesYesYes
Dry ProtectionNoYesNoNo
Other FeaturesSubmersible Pump IP 68, 4 Different Fountain Heads, 6 Volt Single Crystalline Solar Panel, Esay to Install, CE & RoHS Approved"Submersible Pump IP 68, 4 Different
Fountain Heads, 9 Volt Single Crystalline Solar Panel, Easy to Install, CE & RoHS Approved
Submersible Pump IP 68, 3 Different Fountain Heads, 17.5 Volt Single Crystalline Solar Panel, Easy to Install, CE & RoHS ApprovedSubmersible Pump, 17 Volt Single Crystalline Solar Panel, LEDs for Night Time Display, Timer Included, Photosensitive, Easy to Install, CE & RoHS Approved


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