These Slippers are Made for Mopping!

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Fancy yourself Fred Astaire and get the chores done at the same time with a pair of cleaning mop slippers! Designed to make your household cleaning as easy as walking, these slippers are as easy to use as they are to slip on. With a soft fiber sole that lifts to trap dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, lint & all sorts of fine particles on your floor, these slippers are a quick and easy way to get those chores done. They’re safe to use on wood floors, polished board, linoleum and tiled surfaces. Plus they have rounded edges so in no way will they do unwanted damage to your wall edges or floors.

Chore time is often bore time, we all know that. So next time, slip these slippers on and get on with your day. Think of all the things you can do with that free time…the masterpieces you’ll read! The classics you’ll watch! The leisurely strolls you’ll take! The endless hours of surfing the web! With a convenient set of cleaning slippers like these, time will be yours. And even better, you’ll save your back from the aches and pains of bending and scooping. You’ll be light on your feet while you eliminate household dirt!

With a wild electric green colour and made of 100% cotton for a comfortable fit, these mopping shoes are made to last comfortably while granting you never-ending durability and satisfaction. Cue up Nancy Sinatra: these slippers are made for mopping!