Unique, beautiful and useful Christmas packaging

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In giving gifts this Christmas, the packaging should also be considered besides on what’s inside it. So here is a tip that for you to have an exciting gift and packaging.

Using an inexpensive wrapper is the first thing to keep in mind. You can create more beautiful wrapper than those expensive wrappers in the market. You can use old yellow pages and old news papers, in this way you not only save money but also recycling. Yellow pages and news papers looks so simple and not so attractive, but adding a ribbon on it with a contrast bright colour like red and green will be perfect.  You can also use enamel paint to add colour to it. For example, you can add your thumb mark or an abstract design/drawing from you.

Shoebox can also be used as a gift box, you can paint it all white and decorate it with other colours, add ribbons, greeting cards and your done. Another inexpensive way to have a creative gift wrap.

Cookie tin cans is also a great way to have a beautiful packaging, instead of putting your gifts on the box why not use tin cans? Besides of the tin cans having a great design, this can also be used again by the receiver as storage of accessories, rings, earrings and necklace.  You can put little treats on this tin can, you can put sweet goodies like cookies, candies, chocolates or even a cupcake. You just need to add ribbon and greeting card to finish everything. After Christmas the receiver can still use it for other purposes.

The greatest tip for this is to be creative and playful on what your doing. You can also check exciting discounts, sales and elegant Christmas at CrazySales Website.