Water Filter Review | Choose the Best Water Filter Systems in Australia

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Choose a premium water filter to protect you from harmful contaminants every day. Taste the difference and turn your lifeless, contaminated tap water into clean, great tasting water! Save on costly and inferior bottled water by buying water filters at CrazySales.


Risks of Not Using a Filter: Why Do You Need One?


Microbiological risks

  • Viruses: You may find a lot of nasty things in the water and deadly viruses are among them. While disinfecting the water usually kills most viruses, some may survive and make you sick.
  • Protozoa: Protozoans are single-celled, free-living, animal-like organisms ranging in size from 0.005 mm to 5 mm that exist in drinking water. They can cause severe illness, and their cysts can often resist disinfection.
  • Bacteria: Bacteria found in water usually come from human or animal faeces that can be killed by disinfection. However, some bacteria grow in the water mains that will remain a danger.

Chemical risks

  • Chlorine: This chemical is usually added to kill bugs and bacteria in the water that passes through the treatment plant and to protect against recontamination. People will suffer from airway irritation, sore throat, cough, chest tightness, tiredness, dizziness or headaches if absorb it from water every day.
  • Aluminium: Water may contain aluminium because it is used in a process called flocculation to make water clearer. Small amounts of it may pass through filter. If you take it from water day by day, you may suffer from severe stomach pain or constipation, pain when you urinate or tired feeling, loss of appetite, and muscle weakness.
  • Fluoride: It is added to drinking water since the 1960s to reduce tooth decay. Nowadays, many toothpastes will provide enough fluoride protection so that fluoridated water is unnecessary, as it may lead to dental fluorosis (mottled teeth) in people who get too much.
  • Nitrate/nitrite: Groundwater supplies in rural areas are most likely containing high level nitrate as which usually comes from sewage and fertiliser run-off. Although nitrate itself is harmless, it can be converted into nitrite, which mainly poses a problem to babies and young children – it can reduce the amount of oxygen the blood can carry.

Different types of water filters:

Jug filter:


  • Prices: $20 – $75 initial
  • Pros: Filters can be replaced. It’s convenient, small, and easy to use.
  • Cons: Some are likely to clogging and slow with short filter lives, meaning higher ongoing costs.


Tap mounted


  • Prices: $25 – $75 initial
  • Pros: This is the most convenient tap filter, small, and easy to install; Replace its filter is affordable and convenient, the water filter is easy to install and a breeze to clean.
  • Cons: Needs to be replaced often; Slows the flow of water and cannot be used on all taps.




  • Prices: $60 – $350 initial
  • Pros: Filters larger amounts of water. Less likely to clog than jug or tap-mounted filters.
  • Cons: Clutters countertops and cannot be used on all taps.




  • Prices: $180 – $600 initial
  • Pros: Filters the largest amounts of water among all filters. It won’t clutter up countertop, or attach to existing tap.
  • Cons: Takes up under-sink space and requires plumbing modification. Most expensive option.


Filters at CrazySales Comparison

Water Filters at CrazySales varies from prices, functions, designs and sizes. Have a look at the following table of CrazySales Filters comparison and choose your favourite one!

Product Name8 Stage Water Filter & 2 Bonus FiltersAqua Filter 14 L Bench Top Water Filter Purifier DispenserAqua Filter 12L Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Filter Purifier DispenserAqua Filter - 5 Stage Water Filtration Filters - Value Pack of 3 Refill Filters
Litres16L14L12L(3 Filters)
Filter Levels/Stages8555
FeaturesCeramic Filter;
Activated Carbon Filter;
Red Bio-Ceramic Mineral Ball;
White Bio-Ceramic Mineral Ball;
Activated Carbon Filter;
Red Mineral Ball;
Ceramic Filter;
Easy to Install and Clean & Sets Up in Minutes
Removes Chlorine, Bacteria, Organic Sediment, Rust, Germs, Bad Taste;
Adds Iron, Zinc, Lithium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iodine;
Australian Owned and Operated;
Smart Slim Design for Bench Top Use
Filter Out Harsh Chemicals in Tap Water;
Dispenses Hot and Cold Purified Water;
Child Lock on Hot Water Tap;
5 Stage Advanced Filtration System;
Australian Owned and Operated;
Easy to Assemble;
BPA Free Plastic
Value Pack of 3 Aqua Filters;
Filter Out Harsh Chemicals in Tap Water;
5 Stage Filtration Process;
Removes Impurities;
Add Important Trace Minerals Required by our Bodies
ConsSlow Water-Outlet Speed: 0.02L/Min;
Dispenses Room Temperature Water Only
Does NOT Remove Fluoride;
Dispenses Room Temperature Water Only
Filter Does NOT Remove Fluoride;
Smaller Water Storage
No Water Dispenser
Bonus2 Extra FiltersFree ShippingHot and Cold Filter SystemFree Shipping
Price$49. 99$74.98$179.98$59.97

Final Verdict

The best buy water filter at CrazySales should be the 8 Stage Water Filter & 2 Bonus Filters regarding to its affordable price, 8 stage filters and complete functions. If you live far away from Australia centre, choose the free shipping 14L Purifier Dispenser. 12L Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Filter Purifier Dispenser would be convenient for your different water temperature needs, especially suitable for winters. The 5 Stage Refill Water Filters Pack of 3 are perfect for replacement, saving your money and health at the same time. Installing a water filter system is an easy way to keep you water safe as well as improve its taste, smell and color. Buy now and enjoy a lasting effect on your health.