Three Must-Try Home Gym Workouts in New Year Workout Plan

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When the New Year’s Bell rings, is several New Year wishes and resolutions coming out in your mind? One of your resolutions must be “Get Rid of the Last-Year Spare Tires”. But if you hope to get rid of the cellulite this year, you must figure out this question first: how can you keep on doing sports every day?

Any far-reaching goal requires a scientific and less stressful plan. Here’re an introduction of effective workouts that you can finish in the comfort of home. Try to keep on the whole-body home gym workout every day. They only require simple home gym equipment, fitting most women's physical ability. At the end of this year, you’ll gradually find out a stunning self with flat ab, slim legs, and curved waist.

Before you start, please consult with your doctor to check whether the workout is suitable for your physical condition. Especially those who have cardiopathy or other related sickness.

Upper Back Dumbbell Exercises                  upper-exercise

Time: 20 reps (10 reps/group)

Equipment: A pair of 1KG dumbbells

Stand with your feet apart with shoulder-width. Hold a pair of dumbbells and bend forward slightly at your hips until your upper body is nearly parallel to the floor. Let the dumbbells hang straight down from your shoulders, with palms forward.

Keep your torso still, and raise your arms straight out to your sides until they’re a line with your body. At the top pf the movement, thumbs

point up. Then pause, and slowly return to the starting position. Attention! Keep the returning evenly slow and make yourself feel your arms’ strength.

Abdominal Workouts: Bicycle Crunches                       ab-workout

Time: About 10 to 20 reps for 50 seconds

Equipment: A yoga mat

Lie flat on the yoga mat with your lower back pressed to the ground. Interlace your fingers and put your hands behind your head.

Put your knees toward your chest, and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

Straighten your right leg out to 45 degree angle to the ground while turning your upper body to the left, bringing your right elbow to the left knee. Please make sure your torso is moving and not only your elbows.

Now switch sides and do the same motion on the other side to complete another rep. Keep slow and try to feel the strength of your ab or rib cage. You’ll feel tired soon.

Aerobic Exercise                                             up-down-exercise

Time: 10-minute step-up and 10-minute step-down

Equipment: An aerobic stepper

The easiest moves of exercising your lower body is Step Up/Down on an aerobic stepper.

Step up with your right foot and then your left foot.

Step down with your right foot and then your left.

Repeat as many times as desired.

“Many a littles make a mickle”. Don’t make your New Year resolution an empty talk, especially when you find out that you can’t even control your figure. Say good bye to your spare tires in the new beginning through the daily 30-minute home workout, then you’ll harvest self-discipline, positive attitude and better persistence besides a stunning sexy figure. Come on and follow the video to start your workout plan right now!