What Tools Should You Add To Your Toolbox?

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It’s not only handymen who should have their own toolbox. It’s a good idea to have a  toolbox on hand whether it be for minor maintenance or  to complete a DIY project. Tools are also needed for those small repairs around the house or on your car. Maybe you already have the basic tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers but it’s time to add more tools to your toolbox.

Hand and power tools to ease your home repair jobs

Hand Tools

Hammers, screwdrivers, saws, pliers, wrenches, and utility knives are considered hand tools for the obvious reason that they are hand operated. Many of these hand tools have  their power tool counterpart. If you hate exerting too much effort, then go for the power tools. But if you’re the kind who loves a little hard work, then hand tools are perfect.

Power Tools

Finish a job faster and without stressing yourself out with power tools. A 6-inch thick wood can be cut in more or less five minutes by a hand saw. But it takes only some seconds for chainsaws to finish the job.

Drill is a common and also a must-have power tool. It can drill a hole in a few seconds rather than spending all your energy and time to do it with a Phillip-head screw. Pumps and hoist are parts of the gang, too.

Measurement Tools

How can you ever remember tools that are always missing in action, like the measurement tools? Tape measure and other measurement tools are useful before the real work begins like when measuring if there’s enough space for the new table or getting the diameter of the toy trolley’s wheels.

Building Materials

Cement, hollow blocks, stones, woods, and everything in between—these are among the building materials. Once in a while, working with these materials is necessary like when filling up a big hole or repairing the worn out ceiling. There are tools like pumps, trolleys, winches, a ladder, and hoist that should always be ready for the construction and building jobs.


No one wants a leaking pipe, especially if it’s leaking something icky. Monkey wrench, snake, and extra plumbing materials should be on hand to at least give a remedy for any plumbing problem.

Whether dealing with a simple plumbing problem or an advanced DIY project, you should always prioritize safety no matter what. So include in your toolbox the protective gear and work lights to avoid accidents.