• Set the Juice Loose

    Set the Juice Loose

    Feeling run down lately? Always suffer an energy letdown come  lunch time? Want to find a way to put some pep in your pep first thing in the morning without a crippling caffeine addiction? Well get yourself juiced up for a boost!It’s time to shelve the sugar-filled fruit juices you’re buying at the grocery &
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  • Perfect Christmas Giveaway: Christmas Cookie Recipe

    Perfect Christmas Giveaway: Christmas Cookie Recipe

       Why not give your friends a gift with your personal touch, something that you work hard at the same time enjoyed working on? Cookies will always a good choice when it comes to a Christmas gift.You will save money and enjoy doing it at the same time and you’re friends will appreciate a gift made
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  • Christmas Muffin Recipe

    Christmas Muffin Recipe

      Surprise you family with home made muffin specially made with love for them. This is good to eat during breakfast with hot chocolate or milk. This is also very easy to make. Don’t just make it an ordinary muffin make it special, you can use Christmas Muffin tray with a very awesome design. The taste
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  • Christmas designed food that’s yummy!

    Christmas designed food that’s yummy!

        This jelly recipe that is very easy, festive, refreshing to look at and eat. This is just perfect for Christmas gathering or party.    Christmas Jelly Recipe Ingredients:3 tablespoons (3 envelopes) unflavoured gelatine powder2 cups cold water1 cup sugar1 1/2 cups cold champagne (you can omit this if this is for kids)1 1/2 cups cold ginger ale1 cup sliced fresh
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  • Beautiful Edible Centrepiece for Christmas

    Beautiful Edible Centrepiece for Christmas

      Your Christmas centrepiece should be unique and impressive. A fun and creative way to make a lasting impression with this years centrepiece is to make one that’s edible. Your guests will enjoy sharing (and eating) your artwork that that was made with love. This is a Chocolate with cream cheese frosting recipe that you can do at home but you have
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  • Junior Masterchef Cake & Baking Tips

    Junior Masterchef Cake & Baking Tips

     Junior Masterchef’s are amazing in the kitchen cooking up culinary delights making it seem as easy as boiling an egg. If you enjoy cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and brownies then you will love these simple tips to help you bake  the perfect sweet treat.  It’s not only fun to bake but the best part is
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