• Crazy EOFY Discount Shopping

    Crazy EOFY Discount Shopping

    It’s the EOFY and CrazySales is coming at you hard with the largest online discounts in Australia. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest discounts. Ok, this isn’t even Crazy, it’s just insane. Who doesn’t love a bean bag seat? And can you say DISCOUNT? $5.90??? Whhhaaaat? That might buy the biggest smile that
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  • Going Solar

    Going Solar

    There are many advantages worth considering when it comes to solar energy and everything that it offers. Not only does solar energy benefit your pocketbook, but it also benefits the environment as well. Advantage: Solar energy is a completely renewable resource. This means that even when we cannot make use of the sun’s power because
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Food Tips for Blokes: Cooking for One

    Food Tips for Blokes: Cooking for One

    When cooking only for yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in the easy, but mostly unhealthy practices of ‘ready-made’ meals. Next time you go shopping, stick to the outside of the supermarket and within the confines of the fresh produce, meat and dairy, rather than getting dragged into the ready-made-meal centre aisles. If you
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  • Summer Activities that will Help You Stay Fit

    Summer Activities that will Help You Stay Fit

    Summer is the time of the year when you  see beautiful bodies and washboard abs flaunted everywhere. Don’t you wish you are among them? Achieving a sizzling summer body requires a little effort and determination to guarantee a successful weight loss goal. Don’t  lie around and be a couch potato. Summer season is the perfect
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  • Vibration Machines and Fitness: What’s the Buzz?

    Vibration Machines and Fitness: What’s the Buzz?

    There are hundreds of fitness machines available that you can use to exercise at home, whether you choose resistance and weight lifting machines for strength training or spinning machines or treadmills for cardiovascular workouts. But there’s a new craze sweeping Australia: the vibration machine.Vibration machines are the result of research done on whole body vibration
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  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    We have served over 500,000 Satisfied Customers.Our livechat allows customers to get in touch with us at ease.

  • Cat Toy Review 2017: 10 Cat Toys Australia that Your Cats Are Crazy About

    Cat Toy Review 2017: 10 Cat Toys Australia that Your Cats Are Crazy About

    If you’re a cat owner, you must notice how important play is for a cat, especially when you fail to spare time for them. That’s why we need cat toys to accompany them to kill time at home. Choosing an entertaining kitten toy isn’t easy, but the following cat toys we share must raise your
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  • Classy but Low Cost Decorations for Christmas

    Classy but Low Cost Decorations for Christmas

    Don’t let the holiday rush spoil your budgeting this Christmas season. Be a wise consumer. Start decorating for Christmas this early and save. No need to sacrifice elegance because you can still be classy at a shabby price with these tips:Use What You HaveInstead of buying new stuffs for Christmas decoration, why don’t you just
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  • Best New Items For Your Pets

    Best New Items For Your Pets

    Winter has arrived in Aussie, so keeping your furry friends close and comfy is a good way to stay warm! Here’s a few of the most popular items for your pets available now on CrazySales! Keep your pets pampered and snuggly warm with this medium size pet bed. Let your pet float into soft sleepy
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  • New Smartwatch Review

    New Smartwatch Review

    So with all the hype about the awesome but expensive Apple Watch, I wanted to take a minute to review a lesser expensive alternative… Available now at CrazySales is this very cool new Bluetooth smart watch, which can actually function independently as a phone through the use of its own SIM card! With Apple watch,
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  • Merry Christmas in July!

    Merry Christmas in July!

    Rumor has it that the Australian celebration of Christmas in July was started in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney by a group of Irish tourist enjoying the winter snow. After experiencing a beautiful snowfall, they were reminded of their winters back home, and approached the management of a Blue Mountain resort about preparing them a
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  • Office Chairs

    Office Chairs

    Office Chairs Most of us spend most of our time sitting down.  We sit down at work and school most days and even at home. Sitting is a comfortable way to rest but it can also hurt your back.   Our backs need to be taken care of, as you know any back injury could
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  • Stitching up a new hobby

    Stitching up a new hobby

    There are plenty of productive hobbies out there in the world. One of the most useful I have found is sewing. Sewing can instill discipline and creativity in someone, one can even have a business because of this skill. There are a multitude of reasons you should learn how to sew. Here are  a few
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  • Travelling Essentials for your pets

    Travelling Essentials for your pets

    Travelling is good for us in many ways. It lets us see the great big world out there. We meet new people experience new cultures and learn to respect different viewpoints. Through these experiences we become well adjusted people. Well another advantage to travelling that I see and personally believe in is for vacation. Everyone
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  • Junior Masterchef Cake & Baking Tips

    Junior Masterchef Cake & Baking Tips

     Junior Masterchef’s are amazing in the kitchen cooking up culinary delights making it seem as easy as boiling an egg. If you enjoy cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and brownies then you will love these simple tips to help you bake  the perfect sweet treat.  It’s not only fun to bake but the best part is
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  • Interesting Events Around Australia

    Interesting Events Around Australia

    Looking for something to keep you busy this weekend? Here’s a collection of various events, exhibitions & shows happening all over Australia. Find one near your city! Melbourne AZTECS (exhibition)                                                                 Melbourne Museum; 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton; open daily 10am-5pm; 8341
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