• A Sure-fire Combo for the Perfect Long Weekend

    A Sure-fire Combo for the Perfect Long Weekend

    Don’t you just love a good combo? At the movies you have a range of different snack combos, when you’re playing tekken with your mates you can smash them with a perfectly timed combo and everyone trusts a combo lock to keep their bike/locker safe. Combinations put variety into life and provide us with complete
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  • Nail Mystery Solved!

    Nail Mystery Solved!

    Ever wondered about that weird looking tool sitting next to your nail clippers in your nail care travel kit is? Well there’s a few of them actually. These special tools go above and beyond simply cutting your nails, they GROOM them. For those of you who are curious about the potential these tool hold, read
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  • Talk About a Power Vacuum

    Talk About a Power Vacuum

    Vacuum cleaners are a hassle aren’t they? Cumbersome and clunky, they are annoying to use and need frequent maintenance and attention. The tube is blocked, the bag is full, the cord isn’t longer enough…the list of complaints goes on. The use of Vacuum cleaners can even lead to prolonged physical discomfort and arguments between partners!
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  • All Fun and Games

    All Fun and Games

    Some families are having trouble finding ways to spend quality time together these days. With our lives getting busier and faster with so much advanced technology, we forget about the classic sources of entertainment we use to love so much. Well never fear, Crazy Sales is here! We have unearthed something that will rock your
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  • Snacks to Last All Winter Long

    Snacks to Last All Winter Long

    Did you know that the process of food dehydration can preserve your fruit, veges, even meat, for a year or more! For those of you who don’t enjoy the task of grocery shopping, a food dehydrator might be the answer to your problems. You’ll save a bunch of money if you bulk buy and you’ll
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  • the Heat is On

    the Heat is On

    Picture this: A party. You are surrounded by close friends and family. Everyone mingles. The beer and wine flows. There is music playing, people are dancing and talking  and everyone is having a wonderful time…but then the chill begins. No, we’re not talking about an icy reception to your party play list or your selection
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  • an Empire of Ottomans

    an Empire of Ottomans

    Once upon a time, for as far as the eye could see, for as far as a man could wander & the mind could imagine there stretched from mountain top to mountain top, from shore to shore an empire of comfortable, convenient Ottomans…well, sort of. So maybe we’re not talking about the official Ottoman Empire,
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  • a Little Fresh Air Never Felt So Comfy

    a Little Fresh Air Never Felt So Comfy

    Camping? Hiking? Moving in to a new place and awaiting the arrival of your beloved mattress? Well, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and a quality night’s slumber. Look no further than a handy, dandy easily-inflatable air mattress!With ample size, you can easily sleep two adults and the special rib design means tossing and turning
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  • Comfort is in the (Bean)Bag

    Comfort is in the (Bean)Bag

    Ain’t nothing better than a lazy Saturday – and nothing says ” l-e-i-s-u-r-e” like a Bean Bag chair! Stylish and comfortable, with a whole host of wild colours, covers, patterns and fabrics – from zebra print to micro-suede, from babies to grown ups – a bean bag is the ideal accessory for your home. It wasn’t
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  • These Slippers are Made for Mopping!

    These Slippers are Made for Mopping!

    Fancy yourself Fred Astaire and get the chores done at the same time with a pair of cleaning mop slippers! Designed to make your household cleaning as easy as walking, these slippers are as easy to use as they are to slip on. With a soft fiber sole that lifts to trap dust, dirt, dander,
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  • I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

    I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream! With autumn here & winter approaching, sometimes it is easy to forget about those sweat treats we usually reserve for the warmer months of summer. Balderdash! It’s always the season for ice cream. And an Electronic Ice Cream Maker is a wonderful way to keep
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  • Set the Juice Loose

    Set the Juice Loose

    Feeling run down lately? Always suffer an energy letdown come  lunch time? Want to find a way to put some pep in your pep first thing in the morning without a crippling caffeine addiction? Well get yourself juiced up for a boost!It’s time to shelve the sugar-filled fruit juices you’re buying at the grocery &
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  • Man’s Best Friends

    Man’s Best Friends

    This weekend focus on the pets! They’re there for you, and now you can be there for them. With the Pet Supplies offered at Crazy Sales, you can pamper your pets for pennies! And you don’t have to just be a dog lover or a cat person – with us you’ll find a line up
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  • Stretch Out & Contemplate Luxury

    Stretch Out & Contemplate Luxury

    …while you thumb through a masterpiece, sip a glass of wine or simply lounge the afternoon away on our newest selections of Genuine Leather Couches. Looking for a stylish, comfortable upgrade for your home furniture? Look no further. We’re proud to offer you a great new selection of top-of-the-line couches. Choose from a  three seater
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  • How small things can bring happiness

    How small things can bring happiness

    Spice up your life and add a little humor on small things. Laughing, smiling & being happy relieves stress and lessen the risk of many diseases.You can be happy & laugh on small things like during your burger party or when just want to prepare burger and sandwiches at home, this Crayon Ketchup & Mustard
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  • Upgrading your Garden

    Upgrading your Garden

    Since our Garden is located outside our house, sometimes we tend to forget how to take care of it until such time that it will be as boring as plain. Having a garden is an advantage, you have more space and you can do many things with this. Garden is so flexible this is where
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