• Set the Juice Loose

    Set the Juice Loose

    Feeling run down lately? Always suffer an energy letdown come  lunch time? Want to find a way to put some pep in your pep first thing in the morning without a crippling caffeine addiction? Well get yourself juiced up for a boost!It’s time to shelve the sugar-filled fruit juices you’re buying at the grocery &
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  • Man’s Best Friends

    Man’s Best Friends

    This weekend focus on the pets! They’re there for you, and now you can be there for them. With the Pet Supplies offered at Crazy Sales, you can pamper your pets for pennies! And you don’t have to just be a dog lover or a cat person – with us you’ll find a line up
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Stretch Out & Contemplate Luxury

    Stretch Out & Contemplate Luxury

    …while you thumb through a masterpiece, sip a glass of wine or simply lounge the afternoon away on our newest selections of Genuine Leather Couches. Looking for a stylish, comfortable upgrade for your home furniture? Look no further. We’re proud to offer you a great new selection of top-of-the-line couches. Choose from a  three seater
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  • How small things can bring happiness

    How small things can bring happiness

    Spice up your life and add a little humor on small things. Laughing, smiling & being happy relieves stress and lessen the risk of many diseases.You can be happy & laugh on small things like during your burger party or when just want to prepare burger and sandwiches at home, this Crayon Ketchup & Mustard
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  • Upgrading your Garden

    Upgrading your Garden

    Since our Garden is located outside our house, sometimes we tend to forget how to take care of it until such time that it will be as boring as plain. Having a garden is an advantage, you have more space and you can do many things with this. Garden is so flexible this is where
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  • Decorating Your Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps

    Decorating Your Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps

    A well-deserved rest is all you need after a day’s hard work. But how can you do that if your bedroom looks more stressed than you are. Your place of rest must be calm, cozy, and comfortable. To create a room that feels and looks good is easy if you follow these four easy steps:Choose
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  • 5 Blooming Tips for Gardening during Spring

    5 Blooming Tips for Gardening during Spring

    Ah…spring. It’s the single season of the year when stopping and smelling the flowers can be done literally. It’s the best time of the year for gardening, after all. Are you ready to have a blooming garden or greenhouse?  Our tips below will help your plants grow:1. No garden? No problem! People  living in small
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