• 5 Reasons Why Inflatable Christmas Decorations are Must-Haves This Year

    5 Reasons Why Inflatable Christmas Decorations are Must-Haves This Year

    Be brave to try something new for this year’s Christmas and get some inflatable Christmas decorations! Not yet aware of its benefits? Here are the fascinating reasons why this year’s Christmas will never be complete without inflatable decorations.1. Easy to set-up. How many hours do you spend decorating the traditional Christmas tree? With the inflatable
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  • The Best Fishing Gears for Fishing Enthusiasts

    The Best Fishing Gears for Fishing Enthusiasts

    Fishing is one of the many outdoor activities that are loved by many, especially by people who love to find peace in dabbing their fishing pole with a Bobber and a hook to the ocean, sea, or lake until they catch a fish. More and more people are engaging themselves to angling because of the
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Hometown Humiliation in Brazil

    Hometown Humiliation in Brazil

    This look of disappointment pretty much sums up the feeling throughout Brazil today, as Germany used the hometown favourites like a speed punching ball, issuing a severe and thorough beating in the first semi-final of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. It was a match that quickly turned into a football clinic in which striker Miroslav
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  • How Do Air Fryers Work? Maxkon Airfryer VS Philips Air Fryer Reviews

    How Do Air Fryers Work? Maxkon Airfryer VS Philips Air Fryer Reviews

    Do you enjoy fried food but fear that’s not healthy? An air fryer may be what you need! Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer thanks
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  • Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Don’t you just wish you were in Brazil right now? Soaking up that passionate international atmosphere, seeing countries prove themselves on the world stage first hand! Imagine being there when Australia scored that great goal against Chile! At least they got one! For being the shortest team in the world cup Chile really does have
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  • What Tools Should You Add To Your Toolbox?

    What Tools Should You Add To Your Toolbox?

    It’s not only handymen who should have their own toolbox. It’s a good idea to have a  toolbox on hand whether it be for minor maintenance or  to complete a DIY project. Tools are also needed for those small repairs around the house or on your car. Maybe you already have the basic tools like
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  • Bullseye!


    Aim for fun & hit the target every time! Give yourself and your family some rapid fire family fun with an outdoor shooting target like this. Great for target practice and for countless hours of fun on an autumn day, a target like this is ideal for practicing your sure shot. Hit the four targets,
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  • Life Imitating Art

    Life Imitating Art

    Indulge your inner artist (but not the starving part) this weekend & let this Art Box Set be the way you do it. An all-in-one artist’s kit like this has everything you need to enhance your days and to help channel your creative energies into a hobby that’s fun, productive, and offers a sense of
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  • Dreamfarm!


    Great News today for the kitchen and home dreamers! Slap yourself awake and pop your “thought bubbles” because Dreamfarm has just arrived in CrazySales.About Dreamfarm: We are Dreamfarm. We are problem solving inventors.  http://www.dreamfarm.com.au/about/Still unsure about these new kitch items? Well, check this out! Dreaming of the smoothest mash potatoes? Here’s  Dreamfarm’s Smood! Smood? Let’s
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  • Candle with candy ornament

    Candle with candy ornament

    These are the materials that you need:Virtual CandlePeppermint CandyGlue GunInstructions:Glue paper mint around the virtual candle until all has been cover up. It will look like a new candle and add a new twist to it.Since we used Virtual Candle for this project this is a safer way to have a candle on your home. This virtual
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  • 10 things dogs need

    10 things dogs need

    Everyone has their needs even dogs. Cater to your dogs needs and make their lives happier. A happy pet begets a happy owner. So I will be compiling a list of things that will make your dogs happier. Let’s begin with my top 10 lists of doggie essentials:         Pet Dog Raincoat Colorful Waterproof
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  • Let’s Rock!

    Let’s Rock!

    Give the gift of music & tap into your child’s inner musician with Toy Jazz Drum Set!If you have an aspiring musician in the house or want to simply challenge your child to learn a new skill, a toy drum set is a great way addition to your child’s toy room. This 6-Piece Toy Jazz
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  • Comfort is in the (Bean)Bag

    Comfort is in the (Bean)Bag

    Ain’t nothing better than a lazy Saturday – and nothing says ” l-e-i-s-u-r-e” like a Bean Bag chair! Stylish and comfortable, with a whole host of wild colours, covers, patterns and fabrics – from zebra print to micro-suede, from babies to grown ups – a bean bag is the ideal accessory for your home. It wasn’t
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  • Great Christmas Table Decorations to try this Festive Season

    Great Christmas Table Decorations to try this Festive Season

    If you want to make everything in the home look festive, don’t forget your dining table. You don’t have to follow the same old boring table decoration this Christmas. Forget about that and try something new this year.Take a look at these tips on how to dazzle up your celebration with these fresh Christmas table
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  • Top Five Mother’s Day Recipes to Treat Mommy’s Appetite

    Top Five Mother’s Day Recipes to Treat Mommy’s Appetite

    Mama’s recipes are always the most delicious cuisines no matter how many delicacies we’ve tasted. Even when we live far away home, the taste still lingers in our mind as a symbol of missing our moms. Nevertheless, how often do we cook for them to leave a special flavour in their hearts? Since Mother’s Day
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  • Top 5 Outdoor & Beach Accessories For Summer

    Top 5 Outdoor & Beach Accessories For Summer

    Summer is here and it’s time to head out for some fun in the sun! If you’re heading to the beach, or just heading out to the pool, CrazySales has you covered for all those little accessories that you may need for your outdoor fun. Maybe you need some new large beach towels, chairs, or
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