• Top 5 New Arrivals At CrazySales.com!

    Top 5 New Arrivals At CrazySales.com!

    Here’s a sneak peek at the top new arrivals at CrazySales for March! Check them out now because the deals won’t last forever! Manual Press Fruit Juice Extractor – Crazy Price: 69.95 Nothing tastes better first thing in the morning then a fresh cup of fruit juice. Check out this new Manual Press Fruit Juice
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  • Easter is Coming Soon!

    Easter is Coming Soon!

    In addition to its religious significance, Easter in Australia is enjoyed as a four-day holiday weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. This extra-long weekend is an opportunity for Australians to take a mini-holiday, or get together with family and friends. Easter often coincides with school holidays, so many people with school
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    From all of us here at CrazySales, have a very merry Christmas & a happy new year!

  • A Guide to Glassware

    A Guide to Glassware

    Planning a holiday party this year and want to get your drink game in order? One thing you must be aware of is having the right kind of glass for the right kind of drink. Here’s a little guide to help you get prepared. The Collins If you’re serving carbonated drinks, you’ll want a collins
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  • This Week Around Australia

    This Week Around Australia

    CrazySales brings you a list of a few different and interesting events happening this week around Australia. Melbourne: Spark! The Future Wednesday, 7-10.30PM. 13 Somerset Pl        $25 Give your creative side a spark with this night full of drinks, snacks, and art! Paintings, drawings and photography from a variety of both established
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  • Food Tips For Blokes: Make Her A Meal

    Food Tips For Blokes: Make Her A Meal

    Maybe you’re not the kind of man who enjoys cooking. Maybe you don’t have a desire to cook at all. But taking the time to cook a meal for your girl will definitely put a smile on her face! Here are a few easy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients or complicated instructions.
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  • Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Should Toss

    Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Should Toss

    1. Clothes From The 90’s (that haven’t been out of your closet since the 90’s) Styles come and go and often come back again, so it’s not a surprise that items you wore in the 90’s might be back in style again. But if you dig deep enough in your wardrobe you’ll probably find that
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  • Single Skillet Meals: Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

    Single Skillet Meals: Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

    Pan Roasted Chicken Breast with Roasted Tomatoes and White Beans – this rustic, Italian inspired dish evokes all of the flavours of comfort food without the guilt. Utilizing a bone-in chicken breast adds flavour and keeps the chicken moist. Create a nice crispy skin on the outside of the chicken by pan searing the breast,
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  • 7 Reasons Guys Should Learn To Cook

    7 Reasons Guys Should Learn To Cook

    1. Ladies love it There isn’t a woman alive immune to a man who can make her a delicious meal, at least that’s what I read somewhere… 2. Life skills are manly Sure, you can fix your car, hunt wild game and build a camp fire. So shouldn’t you know how to feed yourself without
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  • Superfoods!


    Why is it that the food I crave is often not healthy? Why can’t I crave veggies and fruit? The answer of course, is that I’ve conditioned my brain over time to crave the things that I eat most often. Think about this…we don’t come into the world with a craving for french fries and
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  • Food Tips For Blokes: Better Burgers

    Food Tips For Blokes: Better Burgers

    The Obvious: Choose the right meat: When it comes to hamburgers, ground round or chuck is the only way to go, and if you’ve ever heard the saying “fat is where the flavour is,” then you understand why. Ground round is a good choice for pan-seared burgers because it has enough fat (10% to 15%)
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  • Food Tips For Blokes: Cooking Frozen Steak

    Food Tips For Blokes: Cooking Frozen Steak

    This goes against what most people believe about cooking, but America’s Test Kitchen is saying that it’s better to cook a steak that’s frozen than to cook a steak after it’s been thawed out. In side-by-side tests, the frozen steak was “hands down” better tasting than the thawed steak. Weird, right? All that time spent
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  • Food Tips For Blokes: Smoked Ice

    Food Tips For Blokes: Smoked Ice

    Yes, smoked ice cubes are a thing. Stay with me. First, freeze a football-sized chunk of ice in a Tupperware container. Slide that frozen slab into a perforated, disposable aluminium grill pan and place that pan over a second, unslotted pan. Stick ’em both in your smoker, or use a shut grill with a foil
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  • Interesting Events Around Australia

    Interesting Events Around Australia

    Looking for something to keep you busy this weekend? Here’s a collection of various events, exhibitions & shows happening all over Australia. Find one near your city! Melbourne AZTECS (exhibition)                                                                 Melbourne Museum; 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton; open daily 10am-5pm; 8341
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  • Take Advantage Of The Season

    Take Advantage Of The Season

    Make the most of the winter by taking advantage of some seasonal food ingredients. Here’s a few recipes that you might enjoy on cold winter days. Mustard Chicken & Winter Veggies 1 chicken, about 1.8kg/4lb in weight 2 onions 6 celery sticks 6 carrots 2 bay leaves 2 thyme sprigs 1 tsp black peppercorn 50g
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  • Brazilian Inspired Food for a World Cup Weekend

    Brazilian Inspired Food for a World Cup Weekend

    With Australia out of the World Cup, hopefully you’ve chosen another team to pull for. The weekend has finally arrived and there are a lot of good matches scheduled, so I thought I would bring you some interesting Brazil-related food ideas to eat while watching. It’s getting cold in Aussie but it’s warm as usual
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