• Cat Toy Review 2017: 10 Cat Toys Australia that Your Cats Are Crazy About

    Cat Toy Review 2017: 10 Cat Toys Australia that Your Cats Are Crazy About

    If you’re a cat owner, you must notice how important play is for a cat, especially when you fail to spare time for them. That’s why we need cat toys to accompany them to kill time at home. Choosing an entertaining kitten toy isn’t easy, but the following cat toys we share must raise your
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  • How to keep your kids busy over the School Holidays

    How to keep your kids busy over the School Holidays

    School holidays are a time of joy for kids. For parents however, this can be a total nightmare. As when school holidays come in the children will play and that can drive us all crazy. So what’s the solution? One of the best ways to keep kids off your back is giving them something to
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Top Ten Pool Items For Summer

    Top Ten Pool Items For Summer

    What could be better than having access to your own private swimming pool during the height of the summer heat? The Crazy Sales range of above ground pools caters for everyone. If you have a big backyard, a small backyard, a deck, small children, a house full of adults, or live alone we have the
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  • Early Christmas Shopping

    Early Christmas Shopping

    It’s never too early to start shopping for Chirstmas. Crazysales has some of the best bargains around this holiday season! Here’s a small preview: Celebrate the season with this beautiful 1.8M Green Artificial Christmas Tree. Featuring 62 pine cones placed randomly and evenly distributed branches this tree looks as if it was chopped fresh out
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  • Awesome Gadgets For Your Home

    Awesome Gadgets For Your Home

    1. Vegetable Curling Kitchen Tool This unique vegetable spiral twister-cutter turns ordinary vegetables into unique endless spirals. It is easy to use, just slide your vegetable in the twister body, screw on the slicer and turn for astonishing garnishes. Suitable for cutting Potato, Carrot, Cucumber, Zucchini, Radish, etc. Put a new twist on ordinary vegetables!
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  • All Aboard The Rainbow Loom Train

    All Aboard The Rainbow Loom Train

    Yes, that is what it looks like…American late night television host Jimmy Kimmel interviewing fashion designer Tom Ford while wearing an entire suit made from loom bands! About 250,000 loom bands, to be exact. This suit was later auctioned on eBay for $40,000. Loom bands have been hot for a while now, but they’re still
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  • Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Don’t you just wish you were in Brazil right now? Soaking up that passionate international atmosphere, seeing countries prove themselves on the world stage first hand! Imagine being there when Australia scored that great goal against Chile! At least they got one! For being the shortest team in the world cup Chile really does have
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  • Remote Control Makes a Comeback

    Remote Control Makes a Comeback

    When we become adults we often reminisce about the old days. Youth was full of fun with no responsibilities, who wouldn’t miss it? But wait, surely fun isn’t reserved only for kids? That’d be unfair and just wrong. No, adults deserve their share of fun too! Crazy Sales has uncovered a diamond in the rough,
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  • Doctor Who?

    Doctor Who?

    Are you a real Whovian? Which Doctor do you like the best? Which companion? Old series/New series? Favourite hat? How does the TARDIS work? If you can answer all those questions then you’re awesome and welcome to a world of hectic Doctor Who merchandise! Crazy Sales has joined the fandom of Dr Who. We are
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  • To Loom or Not to Loom, That is the Question

    To Loom or Not to Loom, That is the Question

    Loom Bands. Have you caught onto the craze yet? These things are as popular as french knitting was back in the day! There are thousands of videos on youtube and millions of loom sets being sold around the world! Why are kids going crazy over loom bands? Children around the world are loving these stretchy
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  • All Fun and Games

    All Fun and Games

    Some families are having trouble finding ways to spend quality time together these days. With our lives getting busier and faster with so much advanced technology, we forget about the classic sources of entertainment we use to love so much. Well never fear, Crazy Sales is here! We have unearthed something that will rock your
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  • Life Imitating Art

    Life Imitating Art

    Indulge your inner artist (but not the starving part) this weekend & let this Art Box Set be the way you do it. An all-in-one artist’s kit like this has everything you need to enhance your days and to help channel your creative energies into a hobby that’s fun, productive, and offers a sense of
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  • Let’s Rock!

    Let’s Rock!

    Give the gift of music & tap into your child’s inner musician with Toy Jazz Drum Set!If you have an aspiring musician in the house or want to simply challenge your child to learn a new skill, a toy drum set is a great way addition to your child’s toy room. This 6-Piece Toy Jazz
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  • Toys for Kids-Parents Bonding and Learning

    Toys for Kids-Parents Bonding and Learning

    Busy at work? Why don’t you relax and have fun…with your kids, of course! It’s great for your health  and a fun way to bond with your children.  Try some of the following toys for kids-parents bonding and learning. Mental-Challenge Toys Build, solve, compete, and complete. Sounds boring? Not with these brain exercise toys: Building
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