• Ugg Boots, Winter’s Woolly Warmers

    Ugg Boots, Winter’s Woolly Warmers

    There’s one item of women’s footwear that never goes out of fashion in Australia (although some might say it was never exactly in fashion) and that’s Ugg boots. So comfortable, so warm, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. With their hardwearing soles and tough but soft sheepskin uppers, they make perfect slippers for indoors and loafing
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  • Cast-Iron Cookware Is So Hot Right Now

    Cast-Iron Cookware Is So Hot Right Now

    Cast-iron cookware is a sturdy, time-honoured way to prepare food. But what’s so special about it?Cast iron reaches very high temperatures without sticking as easily as other metals, making it superb for frying and searing. If you like your steaks juicy and tasty, cast-iron skillets and grill pans are the only way to go!Cast-iron cookware
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Tablets – Beyond the iPad

    Tablets – Beyond the iPad

    When Apple launched their iPad tablet some critics were unimpressed by its lack of features like USB ports and memory card slots, but that didn’t stop it becoming a huge seller. It took a surprisingly long time for any of Apple’s rivals to produce any tablets that could compete with the iPad in terms of
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  • Vibration Machines and Fitness: What’s the Buzz?

    Vibration Machines and Fitness: What’s the Buzz?

    There are hundreds of fitness machines available that you can use to exercise at home, whether you choose resistance and weight lifting machines for strength training or spinning machines or treadmills for cardiovascular workouts. But there’s a new craze sweeping Australia: the vibration machine.Vibration machines are the result of research done on whole body vibration
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  • Beat the Winter Cold with a New Heater

    Beat the Winter Cold with a New Heater

    Hands up if you hate the winter cold? Yep, us too. That’s why we’ve looked for the best heaters to help warm up your home.While you can’t beat a roaring fire, unfortunately, it’s not practical in all households. When you need rapid heat, a small, cheap heater with a built-in fan will warm you up
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  • Warmer Winter Bedding & Manchester

    Warmer Winter Bedding & Manchester

    There’s no better way to enjoy these icy winter nights than warm in bed! But are you warm enough? Or worse, too hot? Maybe you start out too cold and end up overheated. Perhaps it’s time you considered an upgrade to your old manchester and bedding!There’s more to winter warmth than a heavy blanket or
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  • Dreamfarm!


    Great News today for the kitchen and home dreamers! Slap yourself awake and pop your “thought bubbles” because Dreamfarm has just arrived in CrazySales.About Dreamfarm: We are Dreamfarm. We are problem solving inventors.  http://www.dreamfarm.com.au/about/Still unsure about these new kitch items? Well, check this out! Dreaming of the smoothest mash potatoes? Here’s  Dreamfarm’s Smood! Smood? Let’s
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  • Easter Baking: Hot Cross Bun

    Easter Baking: Hot Cross Bun

    The Hot Cross Bun has become synonymous with Easter Day, with the cross symbolising Christ’s Crucifixion.Surrounding the Hot Cross Bun are many lovely superstitions. It is believed that if you shared a hot cross bun with a dear friend, your friendship will be great the coming year. The words “Half for you and Half for
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  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    We have served over 500,000 Satisfied Customers.Our livechat allows customers to get in touch with us at ease.

  • Secured and Reliable Transactions

    Secured and Reliable Transactions

    We are one of Australia’s Top 10 Online Retailers.Our secure and reliable site allows you to have a peace of mind while enjoying your shopping!

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    Fast Delivery

    Huge Range with 20 categories and over 8,000 products. Shop till you drop!About 98% of our products are delivered next day due to our fast delivery system.

  • The Warmest Welcome

    The Warmest Welcome

    Dear Crazysales Friends,It’s exciting! Our blog has finally gone live!How it all started This blog is started as a natural progression from the lovely responses we received from our Facebook (www.Facebook.com/CrazySales.com.au). We’ve decided that we would love to converse with you in a more relaxed fashion.In this blog, we hope to share with you tips
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